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Courses will be conducted for through correspondence and internet, for various degrees. Catalog & Application form can be obtained on request. Intensive One week Training program at USA and India for Leaders & Managers to make them effective in the various areas of Christian work is an integral part of the degree programs. Twice every year in USA. Next session - {{}}. Limited seats. Reserve in advance. (Certificates will be given at the end of successful completion) Once in 3 months in India. Details can be given on request.

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Please find below the various ministries that we are involved in


Social Services

Children’s Home

This children’s home, a home for the needy children has been in operation since 1996. The home has currently about three hundred inmates whose complete education and living expenses are totally met by the society. Some of the children raised in the home are now occupying responsible positions in the society as senior government officials, medical and engineering professionals. A total of about five thousand children have passed through the home to become responsible members of the society.

Mega Relief works for Tsunami

A relief work was inaugurated at Government JDMD school relief camp. This camp was adopted for one month for cooking and feeding food, medical care with a team of doctors, clothing, and counseling with a team of expert counselors. We dispatched 10 MT tones of relief materials such as medicine, dry ration, chlorine tablets, medicine for prevention for epidemic diseases, & torch lights to the people in Car Nicobar Islands.

Community Kitchen

We adopted Twelve relief camps at GSSS at Bathbasti and Nirmala School & other Schools camps and we were running a community kitchen from 13th January 2005 onwards till the People were shifted to Shelters.. We also distributed clothing, sanitary kits, mosquito kits, educational kits and medical care to the inmate.

Built 200 Houses for the Tsunami Victims

In association with ISM and Disaster Co ordination Committee, we took responsibility for construction of 200 houses for the victims of tsunami as per the model and direction of the A and N and with administration and also confirmed to run the relief camp for more than two months at a new place.


AIDS, Drug, and Cancer OBSERVANCE and prevention PROGRAMME IN SCHOOLS.
World AIDS Day was observed in the month of December . AIDS prevention and Control programme was conducted in Higher Secondary Schools for boys and female students. The total participants are 200. The subjects covered are transmission of STD/HIV/AIDS/ and prevention methods. Safe behavioral changes and also proper using method of condoms. Also met 40 children infected with AIDS in Perunthurai and Karur, in Tamilnadu and they were counseled.. Prevention and control program was also conducted in the schools to which these children belonged.

Women, Health and Breast Feeding Awareness

The above programme was conducted among the Self Help group women in and around Chennai. Water supply, Health and sanitation, education and care for female children.

Cancer Awareness Programme

Experts from Adyar Cancer Institute were invited to talk to women in the SHG’s on the need for maintaining hygienic practices to prevent cancer in the reproductive system. Youth and men who participated were counseled against smoking and made aware of the risk of lung cancer, coronary artery diseases caused by smoking.

Distribution of Provisions, Clothes and materials, for the poor in and around Chennai

Clothes and other materials, provisions and food items were supplied to the victims of unprecedented floods during late 2005 in and around, Chennai.

Remedial Classes

Snahalaya Ashram is running remedial free coaching classes for the academically weak school going children & also for School drop outs.



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